The Lithofin Tiler’s Test Pack – Now Available!

Everything you need in one pack to sort out ceramic tile, porcelain and natural stone problems!

A superb selection of trouble shooting products with effective results.

Pick up the Lithofin Tiler’s Test Pack at just £32.88 RRP plus VAT.

All this for just the same price as a litre of Lithofin MN Stain Stop!

Ask for your Tiler’s Test Pack at your local Stockist and discover a Professional Solution for all your cleaning problems.


Lithofin Wexa 250ml                                                                Lithofin KF Ceramic Clean 250ml

Lithofin Wax-Off 250ml                                                           Lithofin FZ Intensive Cleaner 250ml

Lithofin MN Builders’ Clean 250ml                                         Lithofin Oil-Ex Sachet

Lithofin MN Power Clean 250ml                                             Sponge/Scrubbing Pad

Lithofin KF Cement Residue Remover 250ml                         Soft Bristle Brush